machineMD @ University Neurology Clinic Bochum

The University Neurology Clinic at Katholisches Klinikum, Ruhr-University Bochum, conducts research with machineMD.

PD Dr. Anke Salmen is head of the University Outpatient Section of Neurology at the University Hospital of the Ruhr-University Bochum. Her main research interest are inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system - the most common and best known of which is Multiple Sclerosis.

In particular, she is interested in visual outcomes and new methods to assess these diseases: "Oculomotor disorders are underdiagnosed in routine clinical practice. In the field of inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system, involvement of the oculomotor and visual systems are common, but sometimes inadequately detected with current methods including imaging. With machineMD’s solution, we have objective and quantitative functional measurements for a variety of visual and oculomotor disorders."

The first topic PD Dr. Anke Salmen and her team will address is early stages of MS, starting with radiologically isolated syndrome (RIS). The detection of measurable involvement of the visual/oculomotor systems in the early stages could be prognostically relevant and thus also significantly influence therapeutic decision making.

PD Dr. Anke Salmen, University Neurology Clinic Bochum