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A strong culture

We want to build a world-class team. To get there, we believe we need the full commitment, and energy of each team member.  Our leadership culture focuses on Conscious Leadership. An important foundation is the Four Pillars of Integrity - created by Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks. We are not talking about moral integrity in the sense of doing everything right, for us, integrity means "whole", it means being fully alive and full of energy.

The Four Pillars of Integrity

  1. Radical responsibility: Take responsibility for your choices, your experiences, and your well-being and stop blaming and criticizing. Not taking responsibility results in victim consciousness, which is energy intensive. On the other hand, when you take responsibility, you have to analyze your situation and have the opportunity to learn from your experiences. 

  2. Feeling our feelings: Know and name your feelings, welcome them, express them and make space for them to move through. It takes an enormous amount of energy to repress and suppress feelings, energy that could be used more generatively in all sorts of ways. Very often you get trapped in these feelings and they persist for a long time and dominate your life.

  3. Candor: Reveal what you think, be authentic, say what is true for you and be a person to whom others can openly express themselves with candor. Talk directly to people with whom you have a problem and don’t gossip. This results in more connection, creativity, and collaboration. 

  4. Clear agreements: Make clear agreements, including who/does what/by when. Make only the agreements you want and keep them. Change agreements that don't work for you and clean up broken agreements. Experience your agreements as a source of increased energy rather than a burden.

Further information and links: 

Interview with Jim Dethmer, co-founder of Conscious Leadership Group

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