Ease of use will make neos® interesting beyond specialists

Welcome to the Medical Advisory Board of machineMD:  PD Dr. med. Konrad Weber, Senior Physician at the Interdisciplinary Center for Vertigo and Neurological Visual Disorders, University Hospital Zurich.  

As a member of machineMD's Medical Advisory Board, neuro-ophthalmologist Dr. Konrad Weber will be one of the first to test an eye- tracking research device developed by machineMD and will be able to support the further development of machineMD's products with his expertise.  

Dr. Weber works at the interface between neurology and ophthalmology at the Interdisciplinary Center for Vertigo and Neurological Visual Disorders, a joint clinic of the Departments of Neurology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology and Psychiatry at the University Hospital Zurich.  

"Measuring eye movements is very important to us because the eyes and their movements are a direct mirror of the brain," explains Dr. Konrad Weber. In his oculomotor consultations, Dr. Weber already uses devices for these measurements in some cases, but they can only perform one examination at a time. He expects machineMD's first medical device to make his work much easier: "With neos, we will be able to measure different parameters of  eye function  and movement  in a very short time. This will help us in diagnosing different brain disorders.”  

The involvement of Dr. Weber in the Medical Advisory Board is essential to machineMD  because it ensures the quick flow of information between physicians and engineers. He has already been involved in translational medicine projects, which have made  a difference in everyday clinical practice. In a previous project, he and a team developed the video head impulse test that has become the standard for vertigo diagnostics.   

"One advantage of neos will be its ease of use,” explains Dr. Weber. “This makes the device not only  interesting for neuro-ophthalmic specialists but also for ophthalmologists and neurologists. Such comprehensive diagnostic measurements can have a decisive impact on patient management. I am very excited about the direction this development will take and look forward to contributing to it.” 

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