"The new examination methods offered by Neos will expand our diagnostic palette".

Welcome to the Medical Advisory Board of machineMD:
Prof. Dr. Andreas Raabe, Director and Chief Physician of the University Clinic for Neurosurgery at the Inselspital in Bern.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Raabe is a member of machineMD's Medical Advisory Board. In this role, he can provide his clinical expertise to the continued development of machineMD's products. He has high expectations for neos®, machineMD's first medical device.  

"Neos will broaden our diagnostic palette, opening up completely new possibilities for diagnostic processes and follow-up. Firstly, neos enables a standardised, objective examination. It has so many parameters that it could previously only be performed by highly trained ophthalmologists. Secondly, it means that this test is now much more readily available. With neos, this examination becomes scalable. This opens up completely new possibilities for its use, including in the field of neurosurgery, pre- and post-operatively. The third aspect is time. With Neos, the entire neuro-ophthalmic examination takes only 10 minutes. This efficiency and productivity greatly expands the physician’s options.”

The examination is a valuable addition to diagnosis and monitoring that, according to Prof. Dr. Andreas Raabe, benefits from quantitative reporting of these oculomotor biomarkers. Of particular interest to him is the result of all the examinations that neos® offers: "The overall result is very interesting for us, because Neos can very sensitively measure not only the function of the eye muscles, but also of the cerebellum, visual pathways, and the whole complex wiring systems."


Prof Dr Andreas Raabe - Inselspital Bern