Meet Dominik Brügger, Head of Technology and Co-Founder of machineMD

Dominik Brügger holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and has a strong interest in neuroscience. He met Dr. Mathias Abegg when he was working as an assistant at Berner Fachhochschule. Mathias Abegg was looking for an engineer to realise his ideas. The goal was to automate and improve neuro-ophthalmic examinations.  


Dominik realized the potential of VR-Headsets equipped with eyetrackers for this problem and implemented first examinations by mimicking the manual examination by the physician. This is how the original version of neos® was born.

Initial test results were promising, the two pursued the idea further and Dominik Brügger started as a Co-Founder at machineMD right after his PhD because he recognized the great potential and the positive impact of neos®. As Head of Technology, he sees himself as a link between medical research and technology. His responsibility is to lead the technological development and implementation of neos® and to coordinate the development and requirements between all internal and external partners. The functional prototype of neos®, which includes eight examinations, has met great feedback from future users – an important milestone for Dominik, of which he is particularly proud and proves to him that machineMD is on the right track.